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Pool Maintenance

Crystal Clear Pools and Spas provides the Greater Austin area with the highest quality pool maintenance and so that all you need to do is swim, relax, and enjoy.

Our swimming pool specialists are certified as pool and spa inspectors by the National Swimming Pool Foundation in order to ensure our customers experience superior service. After each visit, our experts will leave a door hanger outlining those services performed so you will have a detailed accounting of our work at your home.

Because it is a priority for us to offer a premium experience, we perform comprehensive pool maintenance services including the following:

• Vacuum and Leaf-Eat Pool
• Remove Surface Debris
• Brush Pool Wall Surfaces
• Clean Pool Tile
• Empty Pool Baskets
• Balance Chemicals For Ideal Swimming Water
• Adjust Water Level
• Service and Repair Pool Pumps
• Inspect Pool Equipment
• Backwash Sand and DE Filters
• Manually Clean Cartridges And DE Filters

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Crystal Clear Pools and Spas offers comprehensive pool and spa services. Learn more about our other pool services:

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We invite you to view the stunning pools our customers enjoy in our Backyard Dreams Photo Gallery. With Crystal Clear Pools and Spas, all you have to do is swim, relax and enjoy.

What Can We Help You With?


Pool Cleaning
Pool Inspections
Chemical Balance
Vacation Service
One-Time Cleaning
Pool Inspections
Drain and Clean

Pool Repair

Leak Detection and Repair


Skimmer Replacement
Tile and Coping
Crack Repair
Concrete Deck Overlays

Eco Friendly

Variable Speed Pumps
LED Lighting
High Efficiency Heaters
Solar Heaters
Heat Pumps
Pool Covers