Austin Swimming Pool Service and Maintenance


Crystal Clear provides Austin with quality pool maintenance and pool repair so all YOU have to do is SWIM! We service in-ground pools, spas and other water features; provide quality swimming pool vacuuming services, pool pump service and repair, surface debris removal, pool wall brushing, pool tile cleaning, balancing of water chemicals, water level adjustments, equipment evaluations, basket emptying, backwashing of sand and DE filters and manual cleaning of cartridge and DE filter elements. Check out some of the brands of pool gear we service.

NSPF Pool and Spa Operator Certification Seal
Example Pool

Our Pool Maintenance Services Include:

  • Pool vacuuming/leaf-eating
  • Remove/net surface debris
  • Brush pool wall surfaces
  • Pool tile cleaning
  • Chemical balance for ideal water
  • Adjust water level
  • Pool equipment inspection
  • Empty your baskets
  • Backwash sand and DE Filters
  • Cartridge and DE filter element cleaning
  • Detailed door-hanger after we're done, so you know we were there


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